When to Peace Out [Be a Single and Dating Rockstar]

Segment 36: When to Peace Out

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Be a Single & Dating Rockstar:
When to Peace Out

Main Points: When to Peace Out (The Art of Walking Away)

  • Has someone left you high and dry? Totally unexpected? Or maybe you want to end things in a dead end relationship? It is natural for things to end sometimes, it happens, not every liaison or relationship will work out.
  • It’s totally hard and sucks big time if someone does end things or ghosts you out of the blue.
  • But remember, if someone does not want to be in your life why would you still want them there?  
  • Some dating relationships, even dates, you just have to peace out! If they walk away, tell them to make sure to not let the door hit their ass on the way out!! Be DONE with anything that isn’t for your best.
  • We have this nasty habit of remembering the good times and conveniently forgetting the bad. I always encourage singles who are getting over someone, when they fondly remember this person or something about them, to pinch themselves right away to remember the pain as well and to get back on the letting go track.
  • No one wants to be rejected, I get that, but don’t let your ego bring you back somewhere that isn’t good for you.
  • You’re worthy of someone who wants to be with you. Stop chasing what’s not meant for you and open yourself up to something better to come.
  • Be grateful for the lessons learned and experience as well as the growth!
  • I’m also a firm believer of no second chances because whatever went wrong once will go wrong again. Be strong and move on. You deserve better.
  • POST IT NOTE / MANTRA: I will not define myself by the acceptance or rejection of someone else.
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