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Segment 37: Be a Better Flirt

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Be a Better Flirt

Main Points: Be a Better Flirt (Ask Your Dating Expert Suzie)

  • Men and women flirt differently. Women tend to be more subtle, batting eyelashes, playing with hair.  Men are more likely to make bold gestures (on the most part).
  • While some prefer the passive or cautious approach, I want to encourage singles to take an active approach to flirting and be better flirts showing someone that they are actually interested.
  • You never know unless you try! Don’t worry about rejection, it sucks and maybe a blow to the ego but remember they don’t really know you. They are rejecting your advance, not you personally.
  • So how to flirt, well the most important aspect about flirting, really, is the intention behind it. 
  • If you like someone, use their name when communicating with them, compliment them (clean compliments), ask about them and their interests, perhaps touching lightly unless they say no or pull back, standing closer than normal and of course smiling. Remember if they do not want you in their space respect that. Use their body language as their guide.
  • Some top tips that work for my clients are:
    1. Know your end goal before approaching someone and go for it if you get the right vibe from them.
    2. Look good, smell good and be confident (not arrogant or cocky).
    3. Smile a lot, stand up straight and have open body language.
    4. Make the person of interest feel like they’re the only one in the room, make them feel special, important.
    5. Respect boundaries and consent. Don’t be pushy.
  • Essentially, assertiveness and confidence are a good thing … but also sugar goes a long way so also be sweet.
  • Flirting takes practice but it’s about just going out there and trying. You don’t know unless you try, right? RIGHT!
  • POST IT NOTE / MANTRA: I will take dating chances.
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Welcome to my new feature on Blast the Radio called “Be a Single and Dating Rockstar with Suzie” where I share my expertise with listeners to help them navigate the dating world and find their prince or princess among the frogs!

Be a Single & Dating Rockstar with Suzie

Kissing a lot frogs with no prince or princess in sight? Dating Expert Suzie from is here to help you find love. She has been through the trenches of the good, bad and ugly of dating and is now married with two children. She wants to help YOU achieve the dating outcomes you desire by navigating single and dating life effectively.

What listeners can expect: Dating CAN be fun and Suzie can show you how! She brings with her many years experience not only dating but also helping singles like you find the love they crave. She will let you in on the lessons she has learned along the way from her extensive dating, education, career and life experience. She teaches others how to navigate the dating world successfully to find happily ever after as she did. The rest is up to you! Her key message is that love is out there, they really are not all frogs, you just have to date smart and with purpose.

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