Create NOT Worry [Lessons Learned with Suzie]

We often place too much weight on the opinions of others. We essentially give them our power. We let them live rent free in our minds as we overthink and obsess about things totally out of our control. Instead create your destiny. Choose happiness. Choose Peace. Choose YOU!

What happens when you channel that creative energy:

  • You start living life forward not backwards.
  • Your life becomes about solutions rather than problems.
  • You get “unstuck” from past hurt.
  • You’re able to forgive & let go.
  • You take control of your life & decisions.
  • You become your authentic self.

How much importance do you give to others’ opinions? Do you dwell in the past? All this is out of your control. You can’t dwell there. If something is out of your control – why they left, why they won’t choose you, what others think of you, etc – then you’re giving all your power to others.

Why do that when you can take control of your life, your energy, YOUR POWER! Create your future instead of focusing on your past. Leave the pity party behind, you’ve got a celebration waiting for you.

One. Step. At. A. Time.