Self Respect is Everything [Be a Rockstar]

  • Self-respect is having pride and confidence in yourself, liking yourself for who and what you are, regardless of your deficits.
  • You are so much better than you believe you are. It is true.
  • Having self-respect is not the same as having a big ego; it is a demonstration of strength.
  • The Buddha said, “YOU, yourself, just as much as anyone in the universe deserve YOUR love and affection.” So do you love yourself? Love who you are?
  • Never lose your self-respect or dignity trying to please other people, be true to your values.
  • If you do not demonstrate self-respect then others will see that as a green light to disrespect you and, frankly, treat you as you treat yourself.
  • When you respect yourself, you feel significantly happier and more confident in your life and interactions with others – socially, professionally and romantically.
  • The more you respect and love yourself the less you fear or care about the opinions of others.
  • TRY THIS: Write down affirmations of who you are. Remember to always be yourself, do not be afraid of expressing yourself, and have lots of faith in yourself. Be true to you and do not copy others.

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