The Death of Romance

death of romanceI’m so harsh, aren’t I? Well, I call it like I see it. Whatever happened to wooing a woman? Seriously. In the past year of dating several men, I haven’t experienced one “woo”. No flowers, no romance, rarely cute messages, no special outings, no thoughtful gestures, no call to just say “I was thinking of you”. I’m not the romance type, I will admit, but it’s nice to be romanced and wooed once in awhile. It makes you feel wanted and special. No one makes an effort anymore. Not just with me, many women I know are experiencing the same thing.

I blame today’s society. Think about it. Everything is out there and no one has to work for it anymore. If you don’t go out with them, someone else will. Some men are so jaded from trying so much that they don’t even bother anymore. As a fellow jaded individual I totally get it. So what is the solution? I’m not sure. Perhaps going back to good old fashioned dating rituals is what we need. Back to basics. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with a man holding the door open for you … why on earth would you be insulted? Men, what makes you think you shouldn’t romance and woo a woman you like on the first date? I guarantee you that it will make her more interested. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either … treating her like a lady and acting like a gentleman goes a long way!

I also think some women expect too much and ruin it for everyone else. They are too demanding. They are stuck in Disney princess mode. You know what I’m talking about. Most of us grew up watching all the Disney princesses get their handsome princes and live happily ever after. We grew up being told and thinking we are those princesses and should expect nothing less than a handsome prince who will sweep us off our feet. We are also conditioned to believe that those romantic comedy movies are based on reality. Fat chance. When do these things actually happen? Rare at best. Then why expect it?

I’m not being cynical, don’t get me wrong. It’s good to only want the best … but you also need to be realistic. We see something on TV like a romantic proposal or a love story and our hearts melt and we think “why can’t that be me?”. I know, I’ve been there too. But you don’t see the whole picture or what garbage lay beneath the surface. All I’m saying is be realistic. Don’t settle for less than your standards, but don’t set your standards so high that no one will meet them. Guys … romance someone you’re interested in! Women love to be wooed, no doubt about it! A simple text message to say you’re thinking of them goes a long way! Now, someone please romance me.

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I try not to be jaded. I try to take responsibility for my dating failures. I look inward for answers. I do not assign blame to the other gender. Some days it’s challenging. The overwhelming message out there some days seems to be “There just aren’t any good men”. Challenging to be positive and romantic against this current of negativity.

    I try to be the best me I can be. I am resolut at staying positive. The good news is it gets easier to spot the Princesses and avoid them. They’re the ones chronically online wondering why a perfect man hasn’t fallen out of the sky and on to their lap. O.K. maybe just a bit cynical 😉


  2. Blimey, didn’t realise this was an oldie. Still going to comment, though!

    I used to be such a huge romantic: bunches of flowers, poems, radio dedications, hiring a band to perform outsider her bedroom window on her birthday, writing an entire book about her …

    And it worked. Until the last time, when it didn’t (she slept with my friend instead), and at that point I felt so devastated – I’d invested so much time and money and hope and energy in this person, only to be snubbed – that I never went overboard for anyone again. I’ll still do nice things for people – but only little ones.


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