Is Breaking Up REALLY That Hard To Do?

Seriously friends.  Is it that hard?  Breaking up with someone can be quite difficult and awkward, I do agree, but why do we make it that hard.  If something just isn’t working, why can we not be mature adults about it and get it done.  Why can we not be honest with ourselves and our partners?  So what are some of the less than honourable tactics people use to break up?  Here are some of the things I’ve encountered …

  • Just avoiding it altogether and wait for the other person to break up.
  • Give the other person a reason to break up (like openly cheating or acting like an ass).
  • Just one day never call back … nothing.
  • Giving a BS reason (see graphic).
  • Getting a friend/family member to break up for them.
  • Doing it via text or email or any social networking application (i.e. changing your relationship status on FaceBook).
  • Deleting your partner from BlackBerry Messenger.

These are only some of the underhanded ways me or people I know have been broken up with.  Nice eh?  Why can’t people just act like mature adults? Really!  I like to think that I’m an honest person.  If I see something isn’t working then I come out and say it.  Why delay things more than they have to?  I really appreciate the same in return.  If I date a guy and he just doesn’t see it moving in the direction he likes, I would much rather he told me.  Instead, my experience has been that they just either avoid the topic or wait for me to do it OR even worse, they just never call me back or answer my messages.

breaking upWhatever happened to maturity?  We’re not teenagers here.  People I date are generally in their 30’s or 40’s.  You would think by then they would have the balls to break up maturely with a woman.  I guess not.  I guess there will always be people who are more adult than others regardless of age.

How to break up the right way?  HONESTY.  I can’t stress that enough.  Just be honest with the other person.  Tell them how you feel and explain why you don’t feel like your relationship is going to work.  Hear them out.  Some people don’t give others enough credit, I guarantee you people will be much more grateful if you are open and honest.  I have not met any person who likes to be kicked to the curb with no explanation … think about it … do you?  Just remember the Golden Rule my friends … treat others the way you want to be treated … and for goodness sake grow a pair!! Besides, it generates good karma … and that’s something we all can use!

Happy Dating!

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Single Dating Diva

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