Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who’s the prettiest of them all? Well me, of course! Just kidding. I’m certainly not that vain. But I was reading something recently about how women get really mean and nasty when they see a potential sexual rival. The same woman dressed seductively and dressed plainly and gauged people’s reactions to her. She found that the more attractive she dressed the cattier women became. You can read more about the study here. Not rocket science right? We’re all competing for the same men and we don’t want other women looking better than us. We want the men to notice US not them!

Made me think though, what kind of vibes do I give off? I make it a habit of never leaving the house unless I look and smell good. Well, you never know who you might run into. Even to the gym. Yes, I’m that girl who gets dolled up to go to the gym. Well, my dolled up is usually relative to where I’m going. But I think people should care about what they look like. Who wants to look at a slob? We’re a society of yoga pants, no make up and pulled up hair. Since when is that attractive? I was guilty of that once too until I realized I get much better service, not to mention more attention, when I look respectable. People want to help you and treat you better. It’s human nature.

It’s the same with men. No matter how humble a man is, he wants a woman he can show off. He wants to make other men envy him. Maybe it’s her looks, maybe her accomplishments or her smarts, but there has to be something he is proud to have. So what is your “great asset” that would make a guy proud to have you by his side? You need to know what that is and market it. Do you have a hot body that makes men drool? Well flaunt it! Are you an accomplished writer, scientist, soccer player? Well, promote that … go where those guys who would appreciate those qualities are. You get what I’m saying … when you are confident about what YOU have to offer someone else, then you will attract them like magnets.

So do women flash me dirty looks? Yes. Do I care? Nope. I like the attention, it makes me proud. I know I am a smart, attractive woman with a lot to offer a guy. Sometimes I forget that, we all have our downer days, but in general I try to be positive and do things to generate positive energy from others as well. So go out there and FLAUNT IT! Show everyone else in the world how gorgeous and smart you are! Because you ARE! Believe it and it will be true!

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