My Magic Carpet Ride – Arab Dating

You might be thinking Magic Carpet? What?  Well … picture it … me Jasmine … riding the magic carpet with my Aladdin … listening to this Steppenwolf song ….


My Magic Carpet Ride – Arab Dating

Welcome to arab dating … where culture rules and image is everything. As most of you are aware, I am of Middle Eastern descent and my ideal guy would also be from the same part of the world.  I’m pretty keen on my culture and language and would like to share that with a potential mate.  I have, however, been dating all types of people, not limiting myself, but it’s not the same.  I just feel more “at home” with a Middle Eastern guy.  I can’t help it.  So anyway, that got me thinking.  I’ve been meeting people here and there while out, and online, but I had a brilliant (well seemed that way at the time) idea to sign up for an Arab dating site.  Oh brother, what a ride … and not the magic carpet type!

arab-datingWhat type of guys did I meet?  Well, they certainly met the ethnic profile, no problems there.  That’s pretty much where it ended.  I was aware of the difficulty in meeting a guy around my age because Middle Eastern men who are 30+ usually want women in their 20’s … until they hit their late 40’s+ then they need someone to “take care of them”.  I just thought maybe if I expanded my geographical search zone I would have more luck.  I created my profile, put up a nice picture, answered all the questions and started “flirting” with guys of interest – mainly mid-30’s to early 40’s … you know, the ones who think I’m too old (even though I look much younger).  Not one of them responded.  Not even one.  OK, well, I kind of suspected that would happen. Then there’s those who I often encounter that think that just because I’m divorced that I need them to save me from my sexual frustration … you know because they want to be helpful.  I’m a divorcee in my late 30’s … what would mamma think?

So who did respond to my ad?  Oh I got LOTS of responses.  I was quite popular actually.  With who, you ask?  Well this is where it gets interesting.  Where shall I start?  I will give you the highlights:

  • age: 53, makes 25K a year, has a big belly, bushy mustache, bald and a parrot on his shoulder (not a costume) … pirate?
  • age: 48, makes 40K a year, not attractive at all, said he likes younger women because they make him feel young … what am I? The fountain of youth?
  • age: 43, makes 30K a year, lives in California and all his favorite things are connected with the Bible including quotes from the Bible … missed your vocational calling?
  • age: 22, makes 20K a year, very trendy and attractive, loves older women and thinks he can make me very happy “in every way” … um, no thank you!
  • age: 38, makes 75K a year, attractive, sounding good, right?  nope … why? he lives in SAUDI ARABIA! No Thanks!
  • age: 32, didn’t disclose a salary, attractive, from Lebanon and looking for a wife abroad … do I look like I have immigration papers tattooed on my forehead?
  • age: 35, makes 60K a year, not even Arab, but loves Arab women and sent me a message all about how lonely he was and how he wanted someone to share his life with because he was so lonely … desperate much?
  • age: 46, looked like a monkey … didn’t even check out his profile.
  • age: 38, makes 55K a year, not bad looking, seemed interesting, exchanged a couple messages and they all seemed like auto responses and his stories didn’t match … I can’t be bothered.

That’s only a drop in the bucket … were there no normal men out there? Seriously!  I tried … I don’t think that site is for me.  What is it about me that attracts all these odd balls?

Well, I’ve decided I’m gonna take my OWN Magic Carpet Ride … who’s coming along? Cue music … “I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine … On a cloud of sound I drift in the night … Any place it goes is right … Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here …”  Screw you Aladdin … Jasmine’s doing it on her own! Now’s where’s the Genie? I need a drink!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I totally feel you on this, was writing something kind of related. The men who like me are not the men who I see myself with. I was less comfortable on an ethnic site, didn’t see that coming. Oh well.


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