You Are What You Date

Recently, I wrote that “forever has everything to do with your choice of partner” and that elicited some interesting comments and questions around the choices we make when we date others … it made me think if we are what we eat, are we what we date as well?  It’s entirely possible.  What does it mean? Well it means that in order to date healthy you have to make healthy dating choices.  When you date unhealthy, you become unhealthy both mentally and physically.  So, if this is true, then, in order not to have dating indigestion, you have to date good people.  Imagine that, not picking the bad boy or girl is a GOOD thing?  I know I know, you ALWAYS fall for THAT type … the ones that leave you with unseemly after affects … but, but they are soooo irresistible.  I know, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, then I realized that you are what you date and now I’m oh so much healthier.

You Are What You Date – Unhealthy Dating Symptoms

you-are-what-you-dateIf you are dating unhealthy, you might experience the following:

  • appetite issues … either no appetite or binge eating … you eat junk food … essentially linking your eating habits to your emotions
  • substance abuse issues … you overdrink or take drugs to numb the pain of rejection
  • sex drive issues … you might just not want sex anymore or will have sex with anything that walks … you have too much junk sex
  • sleep issues … you can’t sleep, you toss and turn, you have bad dreams or you might just not want to get out of bed at all
  • energy issues … you don’t feel the drive to do anything productive in your life … you are lethargic
  • self esteem issues … you think you are ugly and unwanted by anyone, which leads to depression
  • depression … you hate your life and everything about it
  • emotional roller coaster … your dating life is a series of ups and downs that is driven by those you date … your mood is dependent on if someone has called you or not or given you attention
  • adaption issues … you aren’t true to yourself and adapt to the people you’re dating to make them happy leaving you miserable in the end

You Are What You Date – Healthy Dating Symptoms

On the flip side, what happens when you date healthy? Well, I’ll tell you:

  • you feel confident
  • you know where you stand at all times with all people
  • you look good and feel good because you take pride in your well-bein
  • you only date those that are stable individuals who are on the same page as you
  • you can graciously handle rejection because you know things sometimes don’t work out
  • you don’t take every rejection personally
  • you have a healthy social life that includes friends and family
  • you are being true to yourself at all times
  • you are happy alone
  • you aren’t overly stressed about being single because your life is full with many things that make you happy

Well folks, it’s a no brainer … just like we need to eat healthy to be healthy, we need to DATE healthy in order to have positive experiences and healthy relationships.  Make good dating choices and don’t settle because you’re lonely.  Stay away from the people who bring you pain and negativity.  Plain.  Simple.

I would love to hear from you! Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments!

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Single Dating Diva

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