Courtesans, Magick and Love Spells – OH MY! It must be Yolanda Shoshana!

love-spellsHow many of you have ever wished that you could say a spell to “encourage” love?  How about wishing you could see into your romantic future? Well, I think we’ve all entertained those thoughts!  Makes you think “what if I could …”

How about courtesans? I always was fascinated by the courtesans, so much so that I read and watched everything I could on the topic.  How they used their womanhood and sexuality as a form of empowerment, not weakness.  So when I saw someone who incorporated all this into helping others find love, well, I had to see what it was all about!! Let me introduce you to Yolanda Shoshana!

You say that “Magick is power that creates positive change in your life. It is a part of who you are so when you evoke it, life is happier, sexier, and abundant.” Tell me more about what it means to live the “magickal life”.

Living a magickal life is when you tap into your self power, living a life that leaves you full and without apologizing for those choices that bring you pleasure. For whatever reason, women tend to apologize for wanting specific things such as a man/woman who has money, a hot career, etc. Everyone has their own destiny, when someone does not agree with the life that you want, it is their crap, not yours. A magickal life is about what brings you alive in your lifetime.

You inspire women to enjoy all the pleasures of life, with or without a partner, why do you feel a woman’s sexual autonomy is important? Does that help her when she does have a partner?

People like to say that sex is not important but that is like the elephant in the room. Sexual energy is creative energy and vice versa. When a woman becomes BFF with her anatomy she feels vibrant, sexy, and she knows what pleases her. Getting in touch with what gets her off will give her the words and wisdom to let her partner know how to hit it.

How can a woman transfer the art of seduction perfected by the courtesans into the modern world?

Courtesans had virtues such as charm, wit, time, chutzpah, grace, sensuality and talent. All of those virtues made them seductive and trendsetters as they seduced those around them. Seduction is always at play whether in love, lifestyle or business, by claiming courtesan virtues with a dose of confidence, a woman can really master the art and magick of the courtesans in today’s time.

One thing I’ve personally learned through my journey has been that so many people are broken and this seeps into their love life. What healing advice would you give someone with “love wounds”?

Ask yourself tough questions about what happened in the relationship(s) that did not work out. Be honest about your part in the relationship, because it takes two people to make a relationship work. After you have done that forgive yourself for those past relationships. See what you have learned then let it go. Move forward by keeping your head up and heart open.

What role does each of the 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight) play in attracting a potential lover and keeping them? What about the 6th sense of intuition?

When you are in tune with your senses, it brings more pleasure into your life which translates to a happier you, which makes you sexy and irresistible to a potential lover. Do things every day that give your senses some love whether is it eating a fabulous meal, smelling a new fragrance, listening to your favorite music, etc.

As for the 6th sense/intuition it is always working so pay attention to the messages. When you get in touch with other five senses, you will notice that your 6th sense is more in tune. There are divine messages about love playing everyday, make sure you listen to them. It will keep you authentic as you love.

Do you believe in soulmates? If yes, do we have just one? How does one find their soul mate? Does a relationship always automatically work out with your soul mate?

I do believe in soulmates, though I think that people define them differently. Also, someone does not have to believe in the concept of soulmates to find their perfect partner. A great way to find the person that you seek is be clear about who you are looking for. When I do readings with some people who tell me that they are looking for the one, clarity about what they want is not present. Help the universe bring you that special someone by giving it clarity.

I’m intrigued by your “sex spells”. Tell me more about them.

Sex spells are used as an additional tool to conjure the best out of a person’s sex life. Spells tend to have a lot of myths and wrong facts about them. A spell is sacred purposeful energy using love and light, the most important in a spell is the intention. I write them and write them for others. All of my spells are channeled so they come from a divine source.

How important is a woman’s self confidence and empowerment when it comes to her love life and what she brings into the bedroom? What advice would you give to someone who is more reserved, conservative or shy?

Confidence is everything! When people are asked what turns them on, a top response is always confidence. If you own who you are it is damn sexy! If you are comfortable in your own skin, your partner will be comfortable with you.  If you are reserved or shy, go slow with what you do in the boudoir. Trusting your partner comes into play. If you do not know how they will respond to you unleashing your inner courtesan, take baby steps. Slowly start to introduce and incorporate your desires into your foreplay. You will find that most partners are open, willing and ready for something new.

Do you believe that we have the power to influence our love life positively or negatively? If yes, how? 

Yes! We all have the power to influence our love life. Have you ever heard the saying: “you get back what you out in”, well that totally applies to your love life. If you say/think that it is hard to meet someone, then it will be. If you say/think that there is no way a person will not be interested in you, then they won’t be. When you give out positivity surrounding your love life the universe has no choice but to comply with what you are sending.

What advice would you give someone who always seems to attract the wrong type of person? Do you think that they are giving off the wrong vibes or are there such things as bad luck?

I do not believe in bad luck, but there is such a thing as giving off the wrong vibe. You attract what you are putting out there. If you continue to attract who you do not want, it’s time to take to take a good look at what you are doing as well as what you are putting out there. For instance, if you say that you want to get married and have kids, why waste your time on someone who does not want those things? If you are looking for a straight guy, why are you spending more of your time in the gay bar? Start to date up and date the type of people who can give you want your heart desires in a relationship.

Thank you Yolanda for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us! I certainly learned a lot! Now … I wonder what’s in store for me? Well … I guess we’re going to have to wait and see!!

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