Food and Wine: Date Night Dinner on a Budget

Here’s the dilemma many people have. You are meeting several people and going on a lot of first dates. That’s why coffee for a first date is my “go to”. They don’t always go well and it’s back to the drawing board. Other times you’ve met someone you really like and going out means spending money which adds up. Even if you can afford it, you don’t want to spend all your hard earned cash on dinners out. Once you’re closer, then dinners at home and spending time in will be more common, but in the beginning what do you do? Going out for dinner can be expensive! Between the wine and the food you could be put out quite a bit. But, date night dinner on a budget is possible. You just have to be creative. There are several ways to save money and still have a fabulous date. I’m going to tell you how.

Date Night Dinner on a Budget

Let me start by saying date night dinner on a budget does NOT mean going to a mall’s food court nor does it mean going to a fast food place. Although using a coupon is great when you’re in a relationship, using it on a date, especially early on, doesn’t make a good impression. I hate to say but it’s true. So what CAN you do, well lots of things!

  • Date-Night-Dinner-on-a-BudgetLook online for restaurant recommendations on a budget, there are countless pages that will give you tips.
  • When choosing a restaurant look at the menus online in advance to get an idea of the prices and budget. It helps to choose something with a lower priced menu.
  • Pick a restaurant that allows you to bring your own wine, you’ll just have to pay a small corking fee but it’s still less than buying a bottle at a restaurant.
  • If the weather is nice then prepare a picnic. Choose somewhere nice and quiet and make food or pick something up at one of your local grocery stores (many of them have great food at a great price). You can also bring some wine, just be careful of your municipal laws regarding drinking in public, but you can be creative and figure something out.
  • Check out local, off the beaten path, “mom and pop” restaurants, they’re usually better and cheaper than places in the city center. My favorite restaurant is not far from my house and is so cheap two people can eat well for just under 25$.
  • Try going during “happy hour” at your favorite place. There are always deals on drinks and food.

Date night dinner on a budget really is possible. Just do your research ahead of time and you will not only impress your date, you will use your money wisely and there’s nothing wrong with that!

What are your suggestions for date night dinner on a budget? You are welcome to share them in the comment section below!

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