Dating in Canada: I Asked 100 Canadian Men and Women

dating-in-canadaA while back I asked followers, friends and various contacts to answer some questions about their experiences dating in Canada. I wanted to get a snapshot of the current dating climate and assess what some Canadians are experiencing.

There currently aren’t dating statistics akin to the ones in other parts of the world like the Singles in America survey (there is, however, a Sex in Canada survey, sex in a canoe anyone?), so I wanted to see if it was worth exploring it further. I wanted to share some of my findings with you. The survey was completely anonymous and open to the general public. Although it’s just a quick snapshot, it really is telling about what people are experiencing. I found it interesting and hope you do too!

Dating in Canada: Survey Respondent Demographic

As you see below, there were almost equal amounts of men and women respondents. Half of the respondents were in the 35 to 44 age range, which makes sense because that’s the demographic of my readers.  Although I couldn’t get representation from all provinces across Canada, I was still able to get a good number from the bigger cities in the country. Most respondents seem to be looking for some sort of relationship or companionship, even if it was casual.

  • Gender:
    55% Female, 45% Male
  • Ages:
    35 to 44 = 50%
    25 to 34 = 30%
    45 to 54 = 9%
    18 to 24 = 7%
    55 to 64 = 4%
  • Location (in Canada):
    Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, London, Victoria, Calgary, Waterloo, Mississauga, Hamilton, Halifax, Ajax, Gatineau, Kingston, Regina, Belleville, Brantford
  • Current Relationship Status:
    Single and Looking for a Serious Relationship / Marriage = 42%
    Single and Interested in a Casual Relationship / Friendship = 26%
    Dating one person casually = 7%
    Single and not interested in dating = 7%
    Dating one person seriously = 6%
    Dating several people casually = 6%
    Married and dating  (having an affair) = 3%
    Single but just looking for sex = 2%
    Married = 1%

Dating in Canada: Dating Experience

Over 60% of respondents are actively dating, which isn’t surprising, but I did think it would be higher. It would be interesting to find out why almost 40% aren’t actively dating if they are actually looking for someone. Almost half of respondents (46%) are looking for companionship, but they’re also looking for a soulmate as well as someone they can do things with. But, not everyone is looking to walk down the aisle, only 36% actually are looking for that piece of paper, but I probably should have asked if they want a “life partner” or “long term relationship” and maybe would have gotten more. Meeting people through friends definitely was the method of choice at 67% but Online Dating still has a role to play at 49% as do other social situations. When asked about their dating experience the past year they responded on the most part that they are having trouble finding the right person who is compatible with them. The challenge lies in quality and meeting their needs rather than quantity. That isn’t surprising because I’ve experienced that and heard it said more often than not.

  • Are You Actively Dating?
    Yes = 61%
    No = 39% 
  • What Are You Looking For? (could choose more than one)
    Companionship = 46%
    Soulmate = 36%
    Activity Partner = 30%
    Marriage = 26%
    No-Strings Attached Sex = 17%
    No Answer = 16%
    Other = 2% (responses included Polyamorous Relationship, Compatible Friendship, I don’t know)
    Someone to take care of me when I get old = 2%
    Someone to support me financially = 2%
  • Preferred Method of Meeting New People to Date? (could choose more than one)
    Through Friends = 67%
    Online Dating Sites = 49%
    At Parties = 39%
    Randomly in Public = 38%
    Doing Hobbies = 23%
    At Bars / Clubs = 20%
    At Work = 19%
    Singles Events = 10%
    Sports Events = 9%
    No Answer = 6%
    Speed Dating = 4%
    Other = 3% (responses included anywhere I see someone I might be interested in, geographic apps, friends)
  • Dating Experience Past Year (could choose more than one)
    Positive experience, I meet lots of great people but just not “the one” = 35%
    I feel my options are limited = 35%
    Quantity of potential partners is out there just no quality = 28%
    Negative experience, I keep meeting the wrong people = 23%
    Everyone wants sex and no one wants a relationship = 20%
    There’s too many potential dates and not enough time = 12%
    I’m just playing the field and not really interested in seriously dating anyone = 10%
    No Answer = 9%
    Other = 1% (responses included lots of sex but no love, can’t find dates)

Dating in Canada: Sex and Dating

I had to ask about sex of course! Respondents are having sex, some more than others, but 17% are not having sex … well, I guess it depends on their options and perhaps choice to not partake in casual sex if they’re single. Most respondents (45%) said they never engage in casual sex (I will take them on their word because this was anonymous but you never know), but, not far behind at 42% were those who engaged in Friends with Benefits arrangements.

  • How Often Are You Sexually Active?
    Less than once a month = 33%
    More than once a week = 20%
    Never = 17%
    2 to 3 times a month = 15%
    Once a month = 9%
    Once a week = 6%
  • Do you engage in casual sex activities such as Friends with Benefits, Booty Calls and One Night Stands? (could choose more than one)
    Never = 45%
    Friends with Benefits = 42%
    Booty Calls = 22%
    One Night Stands = 20%
    Other = 6% (responses included “All of the above … and more hopefully!!”)

So there you have it, Dating in Canada. What do you think? Does this sound accurate in your experience? Do you think it’s worth pursuing a larger scale survey in Canada? I would love to hear about your thoughts in the comments!

Survey and responses Copyright to Single Dating Diva / Single Dating Ottawa. If you would like to use this data or have questions regarding the survey please contact Suzie

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