Five Places to Meet Someone This Summer in Ottawa


Are you sick of online dating in Ottawa? Are you tired of going on bad date after bad date? Have you dated nothing but time wasters? Are you one bad date away from total celibacy? You’re not the only one!

Summer is a GREAT time to put that phone down and take it OFFLINE! Get outside, get some fresh air and MEET people. When you meet someone offline, it’s almost like skipping a step … you can better gauge your chemistry and attraction right off the bat rather than trying to figure someone out virtually.

Ottawa has so many fantastic places to meet someone this summer! There’s so much to do and even better these double as great date locations! Are you ready to find love? Well then I’ve got THE guide you need to start you on the right foot! Just read on …

Five Places to Meet Someone This Summer in Ottawa


Such as …Tavern on the Hill/Falls, Copper Spirits & Sights Rooftop Bar at Andaz, Atari, Heart & Crown Pub or anywhere that looks interesting!

Live Music 

Such as …Blues Fest, Chamberfest, Music & Beyond or check event listings for any concerts/bands playing!

Events & Festivals

Such as …Busker Festival, Ethnic Festivals like Lebanese, Greek, Asian, etc or Niche Festivals like Boochfest, Medieval Festival, etc

Sports Events 

Such as … Ottawa Redblacks, Fury & Champions Games

Charitable Events 

Such as …HOPE Volleyball Tournament

How To Meet Someone Offline 

In my article Dating in the Wild (Meeting People OFFLINE) I speak about some ways you can step out and date in real life. Online dating is so frustrating for so many that just getting out and meeting the old fashioned way might be what you need. Some tips I mention are:

  • start with your interests and things going on in your own backyard/community
  • always go either alone or with 3+ friends so if you meet someone you can feel good about leaving your company
  • step out of your comfort zone and do things differently because love is on the other side of your comfort zone
  • use your current situation, location or activity to strike up a conversation
  • learn to read people’s nonverbal behavior and social cues and be aware of your own nonverbal behavior
  • talk to strangers (safely)
  • always put your best foot forward because appearance DOES matter

Check out my segment on CTV Ottawa Morning chatting with Henry Burris about where to find love offline in Ottawa this summer!


No matter how you do it, just get out there and meet people! Make new friends, join an interest group, be social … be happy!

Happy Summer Loving!

READERS: What are your favorite places to be social in Ottawa in the summer months? Share your thoughts & perspective in the comments below!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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