Dating in the Wild (Meeting People OFFLINE)

I’m a big advocate of dating “offline”. Nothing replaces meeting someone face to face right away rather than navigating the murky waters of online dating. Singles have had both good and bad luck both offline and online dating but if you’re looking to change it up and want some tips on where to start and how to succeed, keep on reading and watching my “Dating in the Wild” segment on CTV.

Dating in the Wild (Meeting People OFFLINE)


So you’ve decided to venture out into the wild and find love! Where to begin!? How to succeed?? Here are some initial tips to get you started:


Tips For Meeting People Offline

  • Your Interests / Your Community: start with what makes you tick! It’s the most comfortable way to meet people because it’s familiar territory. You’ll be more at ease because you’re still in the vicinity of your “comfort zone”. The bonus is that you know you have something in common with them already!
  • Go alone or with 3+ friends: When you’re alone or with more than one friend it’s easier to break away and chat with someone of interest without being concerned about leaving your friend alone.
  • Step out of your Comfort Zone: I always say that “love is on the other side of your comfort zone” and you need to venture outside your comfort zone, even just a little, in order to increase your odds of success in dating. Just trying something new can make a world of difference.
  • Topical Conversations: Using your current situation, location or activity to strike up a conversation gives you endless things to talk about when in public.
  • Read Nonverbal Cues: Learn to gauge people’s interest and how engaged into the conversation they are by reading their nonverbal behavior. Read & Watch my segment on Body Language: Reading Between the Lines When Dating for some detailed tips.
  • Talk to Strangers: Meeting people offline calls for talking to strangers.
  • Care what you look like: Image is EVERYTHING and marketing yourself effectively can mean the difference between meeting someone or not. Whether you like it or not, people judge you on appearance first and everything else second, so don’t let a bad haircut or dated clothing stand in the way of you and meeting potential love.

But where to meet? Where ARE all the single people offline? Here are some ideas:


Places You May Not Have Considered

  • City Events such as Art Battle, Bands playing, festivals, etc (check Facebook Events for the latest in your area)
  • Meetups because there’s really a meetup for EVERY interest or activity (sign up and register for events at
  • Recreational Sports (join a team) or Activity Classes/Groups
  • Everyday Places/Activities such as grocery store, coffee shop, food court or farmer’s market
  • Fundraisers/Charities that you attend, participate in or volunteer at (there is ALWAYS a great cause for you to champion)

Meeting someone offline IS possible. Take the initiative and walk away from the screen and dating apps and goo MEET people. At the very least you know what you’re getting and if you have chemistry from the beginning without wasting your time. You’re also going to find that you have more in common with people you meet offline so it’s easier to communicate with them.

Meeting people offline will also help you be more happily single because you’re out living your life, doing activities and socializing rather than spending day after day, hour after hour scouring those dating apps or waiting for someone to show interest or contact you. Be brave! Take the initiative! Grab your dating life by the horns and be pro-active! There’s a whole world of single people to discover in your city if you just venture into the wild!

Watch the entire Dating in the Wild segment on CTV by clicking here.

READERS: Do you venture out and “date in the wild”? Have you ever met someone “offline”? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Great post and I agree. I would add though that people need to give it time. Sometimes it takes awhile, and sometimes friendships develop first. I personally like these ways of meeting because you get to know someone better by seeing them in person.

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  2. It’s pretty incredible how unnatural meeting dates outside the internet and app world feels once you’ve gotten used to it. No clue how past generations did it as the only route!

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