Body Language: Reading Between the Lines When Dating (with Video)

body-language-datingOften times, our body language speaks louder than our words when dating. That’s why you should pay close attention to the signals you’re giving out. You should also pay even closer attention to the nonverbal communication queues the other person is giving out as well.

Did you know that the majority of the most effective flirting is conducted through body language? Studies by the Social Issues and Research Centre found that 55 percent of flirting is done through body language, while only 38 percent is through the tone and speed of our voice, and 7 percent through our words. So that means being able to read nonverbal cues is very important when dating.

Body Language – Reading Between the Lines When Dating

Nonverbal signals are part of communication, whether these signals are accompanied by spoken words or not. This happens on both conscious and unconscious levels and goes both ways when you’re interacting with someone. Your own body language reveals what you’re feeling and thinking and the other person’s body language reveals their thoughts and intentions towards you as well. The following are some examples of positive and negative body language indicators when you’re on a date!

Positive Body Language Indicators


  • It’s all in the eyes, the way she looks at you speaks volumes (look for desire, longing, enticement, interest)
  • Her hands are doing something to bring attention to her such as playing with her hair, massaging her neck
  • Continuously crossing and uncrossing her legs
  • Smiling & Laughing with you
  • Tilting her head to show she’s listening attentively
  • Good posture


  • He will open his eyes wider, raise his eyebrows
  • He will inch closer and closer to her, proximity increases intimacy and shows he’s really into her
  • He will gently touch a woman on the hands, arm, back
  • Open body language so not crossing his arms
  • Eye contact
  • Smiling & Laughing with you
  • Good posture

Negative Body Language Indicators

  • No eye contact, checking the time, the phone, inspecting finger nails means they’re bored or disinterested
  • Arms crossed or hands hidden means they are blocking you out or closed off
  • Staring can be creepy
  • Lack of creases around the eyes could indicate a fake smile
  • Shaking their leg or tapping fingers shows nervousness or something just isn’t comfortable
  • Leaning away shows disinterest
  • Sweating profusely is a sign of nervousness

Pro Tips for Body Language on a Date

  • Be comfortable and natural
  • Make sure you attention is fully on your date
  • Mirror the other person (Demonstrates that you are getting along and feeling a connection)
  • Listen attentively to what they are saying (sometimes their oversharing & lack of filters actually tells you what you need to know about them)
  • Be highly perceptive of everything they do or say but don’t obsess over it
  • Be respectful with any touching

I had the privilege of speaking about this very thing on CTV Ottawa Morning! Click on the picture to watch the segment!


READERS: Do you use body language indicators to flirt or show you’re into someone? Have you noticed someone’s body language towards you? Tell us your experience in the comments below!

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  1. I agree. Strangely my friend does all of the things like move closer to me but then he starts fidgeting. I don’t think he’s bored but rather nervous. Yeah, when I did online you can tell if a guy is into you by what they do. If they try to avoid you right away they aren’t interested.


  2. Actually had a date last week and she showed all the classic signs, playing with her hair, fidgeting, moving all around in her seat, standing very close and bumping into me… figured it was in the bag, right? I sent her a note 3 days later and got the “I had a great time, but we can’t see each other again, best wishes”

    Because female.


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