Are You A Dating Catch?


I’ve been asked many times by many singles “do you think I’m a catch?” … “Well,” I answer, “have you been caught yet?” … of course, they respond “no” … “then,” I say, “perhaps not a catch just yet”. But why aren’t they a catch? Well, it’s not an easy answer. Why? It’s because NO ONE is a “catch” to everyone they meet. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and that isn’t truer than it is in dating. Are you a dating catch? To the right person sure you are, to the wrong person, no you’re not. Here’s why …

Are You A Dating Catch?

So many people feel that because they have a lot of great qualities – looks, education, success, personality, etc – that they are a catch and ANYONE would be lucky to have them. But they remain single and can’t find love … why? It’s because of their sense of entitlement … their sense of entitlement is keeping them single! Harsh? No, it’s not, it’s reality. While everyone deserves a fantastic partner, a true companion, focusing too much on why they are such a “catch” can blind singles to true love.

Your dating net should be cast wide. Know what your “must haves” & “deal breakers” in a partner are and keep your options open for everything else. Having a narrow vision makes you miss out on what could be a great experience. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised! You also need to make sure you market yourself effectively – physically, mentally, verbally – so that you attract that catch you’re looking for!

Each person is a catch … yes, they are. No one person is better or more of a catch than another. This is because you are a catch to someone who wants to catch someone like you. There is someone out there who is looking for exactly what you have to offer, just like there is someone out there who is exactly what you’re looking for. Easy to find? Not always. What happens more often than not is that you find your “catch” but you’re not their “catch”. Is there hope? Sure there is.

How to find that perfect mutual “catch” situation is to keep dating, keep trying and have a positive attitude. Have a vision board or put out to the universe exactly what you want but don’t forget to make it mutual. So say “I want xyz who is available and looking for my xyz”. Just try it and see what happens. You deserve exactly what you want … but you need to be realistic about what you are looking for and what YOU have to offer that person.

How do you know if someone thinks you’re a catch? Easy, they will chase you. They will not let you slip through their fingers so someone else can catch you. You won’t be sitting at home anxious wondering how they feel or if they’re interested. You will know. Just like if you found someone who you think is a catch, you would do everything in your power to catch them, right? Well, the same should be happening in reverse. Plain. Simple.

So, the next time you are wondering if you are a dating catch and you haven’t been caught yet, remember that to the right person you are a catch, to the wrong person, you are not a catch. Wait for the one who wants to be with you and stop chasing rainbows, wasting your time with someone who doesn’t think you’re awesome! Save your time and effort for someone who thinks you’re a fantastic catch … in the meantime enjoy being happily single!

READERS: Do you think you’re a dating catch? Why do you think that is? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I love this topic but the part about being a catch to the right people sticks out. I wonder about that in regards to me because I struggle to find a decent guy fitting my requirements. Sadly, I seem to find men who don’t fit my requirements and they are the ones who like me. My requirements aren’t many (basically a guy my age without kids who have good hygiene).

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      • Yeah it is really hard and make it worse but I believe if something is important enough that we need to either wait of be more flexible (depending on what it is). I have met so many that liked me but I just wasn’t into them and I felt bad but better to be honest than lead them on.

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