Hygiene and Grooming are REALLY a Man’s Best Friend and GIVEAWAY!!

Earlier this week I wrote a post about what makes women run for the hills, in that post I listed several things that repel women.  One of those was bad hygiene.  That seemed to stick out more than all the others in the comments and interactions I received after the post.  I think there’s a little more room for discussion.  I also approached an old friend of mine who has a great new product for men called Tao of Man Daily Skin Defense to see if we can help get men started in their quest to look and feel their best.  See below for the giveaway and free samples!

Hygiene and Grooming – Man’s Best Friend

OK gentleman.  I’m really trying to help you out here.  Woman love a man who’s well put together.  Just like you want a woman by your side who makes other men’s heads turn, she wants some arm candy too!  You don’t have to be a GQ model to accomplish this.  What you do have to do is basic hygiene and grooming practices.  Looking good will also make you feel good and increase your confidence.  These are things you should ALWAYS do, and when I say ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS, not sometimes, not when you remember, not when you feel like it … ALWAYS!!

Hygiene and GroomingProblem Areas and Solutions

  • Body Odor: OK we love those pheromones and your natural scent, but there’s a difference between that and just overall stink and general body odor.  Take a shower.  Bathe.  Whatever, just use water and soap at least once a day to ensure you are clean at all times.  No, stop saying “I know, I know”.  I mean it.  If you’re going on a date or even meeting your sweetie pie, take a special shower.  Use deodorant/anti-perspirant, please. If you know you’re going to have some sexy time, take a damn shower and wash your “parts” really really well.  Thank you. Much appreciated.
  • Bad Breath: Good oral hygiene will take you places you want to go.  Who wants to kiss someone with bad breath? I mean seriously guys.  Brush your teeth twice a day, floss, check your teeth in the mirror for anything stuck, if you drink coffee or eat that shawarma or anything garlicky know that you have bad breath … these are basic things you already know.  We all have bad breath sometimes, it’s normal, but if you’re going on a date then chew some gum or have a mint for goodness sake!  Don’t take the risk!!
  • Cologne: I’m talking to you gino … seriously, what’s with all the cologne? Did you bathe in it? This is taking the body odor issue overboard, actually worse than that is masking body odor with cologne.  So you get BOTH body odor AND cologne.  Ewww.  Find a subtle scent that accentuates your own natural smell.  Not every cologne smells good on everyone.  I speak from experience, some expensive perfumes smell like pee on me, seriously, others (like vanilla scents) make me smell heavenly.  Which would you rather?  Everyone’s body chemistry is different.  Try before you buy.  Get people’s opinion.
  • Unruly Facial Hair: The older we get the more our body seems to rebel against us.  This is definitely true when it comes to facial hair.  Nose hairs get longer, you suddenly have ear hair and those eyebrows? WTF?  Have a daily routine.  Buy a trimmer and do a “clean up” daily or every couple of days.  If you have a beard or mustache keep it groomed.  Neat and tidy is the general rule here.  I don’t want to see leftovers of that snack you had in your beard.  No, seriously, I mean it.
  • Bad Hair: Shampoo much?  Wash that hair.  Greasy flaky hair is a big no-no.  Brush your hair.  Style it even.  There is no substitute for getting a good haircut because it allows you to actually easily style it yourself after.  Combovers NOT allowed, embrace your baldness, some ladies just LOVE baldies.

In general gentlemen, use your common sense and don’t be lazy.  If you want a women to want you then these are just the basics.  Take care of yourself for you first but it also helps in your dating and relationship life.  Be that man that makes women say WOW!! Don’t be the man that women run away from, be the man that women run to.  Look and smell nice.  Please and thank you.

If you need a great guide for hygiene and grooming routines, check out some great tips on the Art of Manliness.


Tao_Man_NoBG_LogoTao of Man Daily Skin Defense is an all all-natural product, designed specifically for men, that harnesses the healing power of Traditional Oriental Medicine.  It’s an all-natural Aftershave, Moisturizer and Cleanser in one. It not only cleanses and nourishes the skin with a non-oil based formula but smells great. 

Tao of Man grew out of the realization that professional skin care is missing the mark when it comes to men. Men are prone to particular skin issues that are man-specific: think razor burn, ingrown hairs, and collar rub. But most men’s skincare products either overstate the benefits or take too much precious time to use.  Now in less than 30 seconds, Tao of Man Daily Skin Defense will CLEANSE impurities, COMBAT irritation, and DEFY the signs of aging for a clear, cleansed, nourished, and noticeably remarkable mug.

In the few months since its inception Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton Spas and Four Seasons are already using the product as well as top celebrity stylists and celebrities in Hollywood.  It’s been popular amongst men and also women as gifts for their men.

Make sure to follow Tao of Man on their site, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.  You can also see the inspiration behind the product here.

Fill out this form below to enter!  You can also get a FREE SAMPLE by clicking on this link.  

Contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada only.  Your information will only be used to enter the contest.  Contest runs until August 23rd,  2013.  Retail value of item is $30.

Good Luck!!

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  1. Great article about men’s Hygiene and Grooming. BUT… I have met women who were way too “stinky” with perfume – YUK…..And – Lots of praise for Tao of Man – but I never could find that FREE SAMPLE on the link.


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