Food and Wine: Aphrodisiac Foods for Romance

Aphrodisiac-FoodsThere’s nothing more sensual than food. It engages all your senses … it’s an experience.  When you share this experience with another person it enhances it that much more.  There are some foods that get your juices flowing whether it’s about their texture, their look or their chemistry, they help get your ready for romance. These foods are, as you know, Aphrodisiacs.

What is an Aphrodisiac? An Aphrodisiac is a food that stimulates sexual desire.  These foods are famous for their sexy qualities. In the hopes of giving you a bit of, ahem, help in the romance department, here is a list of some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Aphrodisiac Foods for Romance


Well, Bananas look like, well, you know … their phallic shapes lends to their Aphrodisiac qualities. Not to mention the potassium gives you strength.


We have all heard that some women would prefer chocolate than sex (crazy women) but it’s because of it’s sensual nature. It has feel good chemicals that make you more excited about what you’re doing as well as gives your energy to do it.


Like them or not, Oysters are very sexy. Their texture, their shape, how you eat them … very very sensual. Not to mention they are full of nutrients that rev up the sex drive.  Apparently, this has also been proven by science.

Red Wine

How many of you get flushed and hot when you drink that extra glass of red wine? That’s because of its components that boost blood flow to those places it needs to go. It also relaxes you and allows you to be more at ease.


I love everything spicy! They also are full of chemicals the stimulate the happy hormones in your brain. The spicier you get, the more your heart rate rises and the sexier you feel.


Honey can be used during lovemaking for some sexy play but it also has great nutrients that could boost energy.


Figs have been a symbol of fertility for many generations. They are also full of nutrients that get your blood flowing.


These are sexy and sweet and you can feed them to each other, perhaps covered in chocolate? They are full of great nutrients as well.


Cinnamon has long been regarded as a powerful sexual stimulant. It gives you energy and gets the blood flowing where it needs to go.


This is a powerful antioxidant that increases blood flow to the genitals and apparently makes them more sensitive.

Whether these actually work or don’t, just the idea of using food sensually is sexy.  Try one or more of these and see what happens … you never know, you might be getting a little sexy time tonight!

Bon Appetit!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

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