Style Friday: Top 10 Men’s Grooming Pre-Date ProTips



One big mistake men make on dates is to not properly groom. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make a good first impression and proper grooming goes a long way to having a successful date. Your date doesn’t want to experience unruly hair (anywhere on your body), body odor or bodily excretions that should be taken care of BEFORE you get there.You might be thinking this is stuff we already know, but sadly it isn’t second nature to everyone and if you’re having a long bad day you might let some of these things slide. Because I wanted to stress how important men’s grooming is, I called on my friends at Not Your Father’s Barber here in Ottawa to help get you started on the right path!

Style Friday: Top 10 Men’s Grooming Pre-Date ProTips

1) Facial Hair (Beards & Mustaches)

If you’re going to have facial hair, take care of it! Keep it trimmed and clean (no one needs to see what you had for lunch!). For those of you with a big big beard, stray hairs and unruly unkempt facial hair isn’t attractive, so keep it trimmed and looking neat!

2) Stubble

Facial stubble can be a great look (and some women just love it!), but when it gets too long it just looks messy and lazy. Keep the lines sharp above and below the beard to keep it looking groomed.

3) Hairy Necks

Your barber can definitely take care of this and it’s an easy fix using clippers. If your date sees your neck hair traveling down under your shirt collar it just looks sloppy and unkempt. Taking care of it really accentuates your haircut as well, and looks very clean and fresh.

4) Ear Hair

No one needs to see your unruly ear hair – inside and out. Yes guys, you have hair on the outside of your ears. Your barber can take care of this quickly for you when you get your hair cut. If you have clippers at home this is really easy as well (no guard, just quickly run it over the outside of your earlobe).

5) Eyebrows

No need to get waxed and threaded but keep them looking neat and trimmed. If you have unruly hairs that are sticking up and out all over the place it looks sloppy. Get your barber to trim these down for you when you get your hair cut. And if you have a bit of a monobrow (or unibrow), clean it up in the middle because you should have two distinct eyebrows and not one ;).

6) Nose Hair

Never…buy a $5 nose hair trimmer at any pharmacy. If there’s something growing out of your nose it’s not a good look for you.

7) Shaving

If facial hair isn’t your thing, and you’re going out on a date, shave! Quality shaving products are always recommended, especially if you have sensitive skin but if you take care in shaving usually any product will do. Use a sharp blade and make sure your skin is hot and well lubricated. If you’re really trying to make a great impression, a hot towel straight razor shave at your barbershop is a fantastic look and a great treat for yourself.

8) Moisturizing

After you shave use a quality post-shave balm or moisturizer. Shaving dries out the skin on the face and can make it look dry and pale. A quality post-shave balm or cream that moisturizes the skin will help the skin look fresh and makes shaving easier next time. It also helps you avoid dry, flaky skin, especially in winter.

9) Post-Shave Care

Avoid rubbing your face after shaving. This will irritate the skin after a close shave. Dry your face with a towel just by dabbing it on your face but don’t rub hard to dry the face.

10) When To Shave

If you have really sensitive skin or are prone to cutting yourself when you shave, shave in the morning or even the day before if you have a light beard. This will let the skin repair and regenerate a bit before the big date. Bloody patches on your face before a date…not a good look!

READERS: What are some of your grooming practices before a date? Ladies, tell us your thoughts and experiences about men’s grooming!


not-your-fathers-barberThese fabulous grooming ProTips are brought to you by Not Your Father’s Barber. I recommend that you stop in for your very own grooming special treatment at their shop in Ottawa’s Byward Market where you can watch sports and sip on gourmet coffee! Check out their website & follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know!


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  1. One of my big issues and this is a common one but it’s body odor. I couldn’t begin to mention all the men I met who had smelly BO and looked like they hadn’t bathed in weeks, even months. They were also wearing smelly clothes. It was disgusting and a guy like this got an immediate no.


  2. I totally agree with Dawn. I would further add bad breath. Keep some mints or gum handy!
    Another thing that stands out for me is dirty hands and finger nails. I know that depending on what you do for a living it can be hard to keep your nails clean, but if they are short it makes the task easier. A good wash and scrub with a pumice stone will smooth the skin on your hands and take away grease or oil stains.
    Using a lint brush is also a great idea when wearing dark colours. Takes away all the pet hair and dandruff.


    • Yes! agree with that.Bad breath makes me sick to my stomach and I am always careful to avoid it so I expect the same of others, Sometimes it happens but other times it can be prevented. Yes also to nails. Dirty nails are a turn off.


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