Food and Wine: Spicy Food for a Spicy Sex Life


There’s something about spicy food … not only does it taste SOOO good, it gets your heart going, makes you sweat and gives you a mood boost, it increases your metabolism, has several health benefits AND it’s an aphrodisiac! OK I admit I’m a total spicy food addict (I even make my own hot sauce and hot pepper jelly!). Science has shown that the effect of spicy food on your body are the same effects you get when you have sex. Capsaicin (which makes chilis hot) is what’s at play here. Essentially what happens is that certain chemicals are released when you eat spicy food that can raise your heart rate and triggers endorphins which are the feel good chemicals in your brain. Tell me, who doesn’t like to feel good?

What’s even more interesting is that a recent study out of the University of Grenoble in France have found that men who enjoy eating spicy food are shown to have higher levels of testosterone. What they found was that this, in turn, contributes to a much higher sex drive. Who doesn’t want that?!  Harvard researches have also found that those who eat spicy food regularly enjoy more health benefits such as longer life. Another study correlated chilies with strength.  A long healthy and strong life filled with lots of steamy sex?  Yes, please!

Not everyone likes spicy and not everyone can handle it, but if you and your partner are both into spicy food then get ready to get HOT. If it’s not something you can handle, grab a glass of milk and get spicing! Spicy food really does spice up your sex life! Remember though that if you and/or your date are not a veteran spice lover, try and avoid it on a first date or early on when you’re dating someone new. It could potentially ruin your date night if you’re sweating profusely or running to the bathroom all the time.

So how can you incorporate it into your romance? The effects of chili seem to be cumulative so eat it more often and add a little more spice here and there into your culinary routine. Try and use real chilis as some sauces aren’t that pure and have several additives that will have the opposite effect on you. Experiment in the kitchen and at restaurants … you might be surprised that your hot meal can lead to a hot night out. Spicy food can definitely contribute to a spicy sex life … so watch out! Hot stuff coming through!!

READERS: Do you like spicy food? Does it have a sexy effect on you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I’m not much into spicy but often date men who do. Then again I favor Mexican men and the ones I know prefer spicy so who knows what this means? Never gave it thought but now I do.


  2. I read about this somewhere in a magazine a long time ago, about spicy foods can help boost your sex life. I am not a fan of spicy foods since my tolerance of spicy foods in not that great but I am gradually getting some so I won’t be the only one who can’t enjoy some foods that I want to try, since majority of some asian foods can be spicy. Well this is a helpful and informative article. 🙂


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