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The new year is upon us … new year, new life, new love … right? If you’re like most of my readers, you’ve had a pretty dismal year in dating – bad dates, broken hearts and asking yourself “WTF” is wrong with people or me? You’re not the only one, I was there too … until I learned the secrets to dating success. No, really. When I learned these things (through lots of experience), I applied them and met my very own happily ever after. I want that for each and every one of you too! I really do! So listen up – here’s how to be a dating success story in 2019!!

How To Be a Dating Success Story in 2019

Let It Go

  • Let go of unhealthy attachments – they’re only holding you back and blocking the right person from coming into your life
  • Let go of baggage – unpack it, deal with it and let it go BEFORE you meet someone new, your baggage isn’t anyone else’s problem
  • Let go of fear of loneliness – don’t let loneliness cloud your judgment when meeting someone new
  • Let go of desperation – desperation is NOT attractive, it scares people off
  • Stop enabling bad behavior – stand up for yourself and your self-respect
  • Stop accepting bad treatment – people treat you how you let them treat you, make sure they treat you with respect
  • Don’t settle for nonsense love anymore – it’s all about NoNonsense Love & Dating in 2019

New Year – New Experiences

  • Try something different – like an event, hobby or volunteering
  • Date someone not your usual type
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Meet new people outside of your social circle
  • Make new friends

New Year – New You

  • Update your look – it feels good to change it up
  • Make great first impressions – it takes 7 seconds!
  • Work on your conversational skills – be well read and learn more about other people’s interests
  • Pay attention to your body language – sit up straight, smile, eye contact, appropriate touch

Take It Slow

  • Manage your expectations – don’t project your hopes and dreams (and wedding plans) on someone
  • Enjoy the process, forget about expectations and outcomes – things should flow naturally
  • First date should be – Attracted? Interesting? Yes? Then always go on a 2nd date.
  • Listen to your gut, it’s always right
  • Don’t rush into anything, especially physical – fire that burns fast & hot burns out just as fast
  • Pay close attention to consent

Online AND Offline Dating

  • Mix it up and do both, increases your footprint in the local singles scene
  • Be wary of long distance online dating – things aren’t always what they seem online
  • Remember someone online is a stranger, and stranger danger is real
  • Always meet in a public place, especially on the first couple of dates
  • If online dating, you should be on two online dating sites – one paid, one free to cover your bases
  • Have 3 good recent pictures (within 2 years) in your profile, a good short writ-up that leaves something to the imagination
  • Go to various events, volunteer, meetups, be visible/active in the communities/hobbies you’re interested in to meet new people and other singles in your area

You can watch me talk about this and more on CTV Ottawa Morning by clicking the image below!

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READERS: How are you planning to be a dating success story this year? Share your thoughts & perspective in the comments below!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. As usual, great advice. My dad became a widower almost 2 years ago when my mom died and he reeks of desperation. He tends to attract low class women instead of nice women and I tell him women that want a nice man are repelled but women that want a man to take advantage of love desperation.


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