It’s Dating Sunday THE Day For Online Dating!


Single and ready to mingle? Well you’re in luck! Today is “Dating Sunday” which is the busiest day of the year for online dating! The holidays are over and Valentine’s Day is coming! Singles who don’t want to be single anymore and sick of being single over the holidays flock to the online dating sites to try their luck. It’s a fact that on this day singles are more willing to engage in conversations and meet up. Dating Sunday is THE day for Online Dating! So what are you waiting for!! Here are some tips to help you be a success!

It’s Dating Sunday THE Day For Online Dating!

Online dating, is a very popular way for singles to look for love. You get access to other singles that you might not have met otherwise. Yes, there’s a lot of weeding that must be done, but you will definitely get something out of it, perhaps even a date or two AND maybe find your happily ever after. Your online dating profile HAS to stand out in this competitive environment! Here are some of my pro tips to keep in mind to make the process a little less painful:

  • Paid vs Free Sites: Paid sites are good because those who pay are somewhat more interested in a real relationship but keep in mind that a lot of people usually go on and register for their free trial this time of year but don’t necessarily continue and pay which might make you feel rejected when continuing to chat with them. True you might have to do a little less “weeding” on a paid site, but free sites work too. Besides, most people on paid sites are actually on the free sites too, I advise you to try the free ones first but just proceed with caution. I have my clients go on one free and one paid site.
  • Apps vs Web: Apps make it really convenient to date online because you can just use your phone to connect with people and communicate with them (this way you don’t have to give out your phone number too soon).
  • Your Picture: Make sure you have a good current picture that reflects your best self. Remember the first judgment someone makes of you is your picture so it needs to be good! Avoid putting too many pictures or group pictures. Your best option is to have 3 pictures – one head shot, one full body shot, one picture of you doing what you love to do. More pictures than that is too much information.
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  • Your Profile: Your online dating profile should reflect who you are without oversharing. Always leave something to the imagination. It should be no longer than a couple short paragraphs. Remember you are using this profile to market yourself to potential dates and you need to put your best self out there for people to see. It should serve to strike up a conversation.
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  • Weeding Through Profiles: The endless options when you go online can sometimes be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Use the search features to initially weed out the ones that don’t fit what you’re looking for. Also, when scanning, omit anyone who’s profile isn’t filled out or has any generic cliches or even any negative comments. Weeding from the get go helps you avoid any headaches afterwords.
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  • Communicating: Next to profiles, communication is also a great way to know if someone’s a time waster, has less than honorable intentions or actually looking for love. Initiate a conversation by referring to something interesting that you read in their profile and asking questions mentioning something you have in common. Be engaged and interested. Remember conversation should be two-way, both asking questions and both sharing. Online communication shouldn’t last more that two weeks before you have an actual date, otherwise you run the risk of entering into a textationship.  Someone who is seriously interested in you will want to meet you in person as soon as possible. No exceptions. No excuses.
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  • Picture Requests: Other than the pictures you have posted in your profile, I would highly HIGHLY discourage you from sending any others (risque or not). If they want to see more of you then they should meet you in person and you can tell them that. Remember this person is a STRANGER and although you feel that you have a great rapport with them, leave something to the imagination. They don’t NEED any more pictures, they will see the real you when they meet you in person. Period.
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  • Safety First: When you’re meeting people online, remember that they are a stranger. They might be lying about everything they wrote and they may talk a good talk but their actions MUST speak louder than their words. Never EVER meet them at their home, always have a first date in public and stay safe at all times. Home dates ARE NOT dates unless you’re already officially dating someone, remember that. Don’t be paranoid, but think of your safety first regardless of how they make you feel and what they say.

Online dating can be fun and you will meet some interesting people. But remember that it’s all about perspective and you need to make the best of it. Like with everything else, you get out of online dating what you put in it. It will take some effort on your part and maybe some minor annoyances but it can be worth it because each and every person you talk to or go out with is one step further to your happily ever after. Just enjoy the process and don’t worry about the outcome. Dating CAN be fun!

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  1. Great advice and I didn’t know it’s the busiest online dating day but makes sense. I’ve been thinking about this because I tried a paid site from March until August and nothing to show for it. I received 3 messages, two of which were from men who weren’t what I wanted (one was a single dad, another a recently divorced guy). The one guy who was a possibility disappeared after a few times of talking (I bet he met someone and I wasn’t upset since we had only chatted a few times). It was so depressing. Sure I did get over 100 likes but none of them contacted me. I decided just to take a break for now and concentrate on things I want to fix before I try again (get a better job and lose weight).


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