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It’s that time of year again. The busiest time of year for online dating. There are a ridiculous amount of commercials on TV by all the dating sites competing for your business. But which one is better than the others? Well, the thing is that they are all pretty much the same. How so? They all do the same thing just in different ways.

I always suggest my clients be on one paid and one free site to maximize their coverage. Paid or free, a site is only as good as the people on it AND as good as your profile. Here are some ways to market yourself better and make your online dating profile stand out from the crowd in the very competitive online dating world. You don’t want to get lost in the crowd, so read on…

Online Dating Profiles That Stand Out

1. Picture speaks a thousand words

When online dating, you’re only as good as your picture. It’s visual first so if you don’t have good pictures you will automatically get weeded out regardless of how wonderful you are. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so don’t get left behind because of a bad picture. Pictures should demonstrate who you are and tell a story about what you are “selling”.

DON’T: no group pictures, no dated pictures more than 2 years, no memes, no mirror selfies, no full or partial nudity (leave something to the imagination!)

DO: have 3 pictures = one good headshot, one good full body shot, one doing something you love/traveling

2. Enticing header/tagline

When you’ve got an enticing header you encourage people to want to know more. Make sure it’s “catchy” and “creative”. For example, “Top 5 reasons you want to date me …” or “Fun loving looking for adventurous” or “Totally more fun than your ex! Here’s why!” or “You, me and a glass of …?” or “You will never believe what happened to me!” All proven as successful ways to draw people in (I’ve tried most of them and so have my clients).

3. Leave something to the imagination

Online dating profiles have too much information or not enough. While you should write something about yourself, you don’t need to share your life story. Leave teasers and have readers want to learn more about you. Give them something to ask you. For example, don’t write each and every place you’ve traveled, instead, write why you choose the places you travel and what you’ve gotten out of it. In the same way, avoid clichés (like “I have a great sense of humor” – demonstrate it! or “looking for my partner in crime” or “looking for my other half”) and be brief and to the point.

Also, end the profile with a question they have to answer, this will allow you to know if they actually read your profile or not. Never ever write “I’ll fill this out later” or “I’m a man of little words” or “ask and I will answer” (if you see this in someone’s profile run the other way because they aren’t seriously looking for someone, they’re more often than not a time waster).

4. Positivity

Always show positivity in your profile. Demonstrating negativity or, even worse, baggage, makes people run the other way. No, you’re not weeding out bad matches by putting what you don’t want, you’re actually scaring away some great people who see you as drama.

Being negative on your profile shows you have unresolved issues. We’ve ALL had those losers who lie and play with our emotions, but it’s not the problem of the next person who comes along. No, it’s not their job to help you “unpack” or help you carry your baggage, your baggage is your problem. If it’s an issue resolve it before looking for love. Keeping it positive will make you more appealing to your intended audience.

5. Good interactions

Once you’re all set you also want to make sure you effectively weed out the winners from the losers, read How To Weed Through Online Dating Profiles to learn more.

How you interact with people online means just as much as your profile. Don’t just say hi or hey, and please don’t call someone “babe” or “sexy”!! If you see someone you like and want to chat with them send them a message introducing yourself, mention what you liked about their profile and how you feel you’re compatible plus a follow-up question. For example, a first message can be “hello “x”, my name is “y”. I really enjoyed reading about your international travels! I too have visited some of those places! We should compare notes! What was your most memorable experience?”

I recommend you stay chatting on the app and not giving your telephone number. Give yourself 2 weeks maximum of chatting online. If no effort is made within two weeks move on because they’re most likely a time waster. It’s easy to get caught up in “textationships” and not meeting in person. It’s best to fully reserve your judgment of someone until you actually meet face to face.

For More Information Read: Online Dating Boundaries and Giving Out Your Telephone Number and Online Dating and All You Are Getting Are Textationships?

If they ask you for more pictures always say NO. If you have put the three recommended pictures earlier mentioned, then they have enough. Tell them they will have to meet you in person to see what you look like.

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Happy Online Dating Everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions by using this contact form! I’m always happy to help you with your dating dilemmas!

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  1. Great advice and love the examples. I am going to try online dating again and am a bit afraid. My only question is if something is important I should state it positively, such as “childfree woman seeks childfree man” instead of “single dads need not apply”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s hard to put yourself out there again, I totally agree, but if you manage the process the right way you will enjoy it. I would definitely go with “childfree woman seeks childfree man”. You will no doubt still get messages from men with children but just weed them out. Putting out a positive face is more important,


      • Last time I did it I met some great guys. None became serious but all were great. Yeah, I’m going to write that and if I get dads tell them not interested (or not respond at all).


  2. Nice examples of do’s and don’ts! But what would you say about every guy having a picture with a kid or a dog? I feel like these photos are such a “basic” standard. Like most of these guys probably don’t even like kids (or dogs) or want them, and then there’s a note in their profile that says ‘not my kid’ or ‘not my dog’. So then who cares? Right?


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