A Journey Towards Love: Guest Post

I wanted to share an inspirational story of love that stemmed from what seemed like a hopeless situation. That love is possible if you just open up your eyes and give it a chance. This story demonstrates how seemingly hopeless situations CAN result in lasting love that defies all understanding. Enjoy!


Dating After Divorce: My Appearance on the Empowered Divorce Summit

Are you tired of waiting for love to find you after your divorce? Recently, I participated in the Empowered Divorce Summit Dating Edition alongside other top experts in dating, relationships and divorce as we shared our best tips and strategies on how to intentionally create the life & loving romantic relationship that you crave while respecting your children.

being happy for them

Being Happy For “Them”

One nasty by-product of being single (whether you’re divorced or not) is having to see past loves as well as others move on with their lives while you are seemingly moving at a snail’s pace, or, not at all.  I had to deal with that on the get go after my divorce when my ex-husband met…