Being pretty ill the past couple weeks (back to normal now thank goodness (and penicillin)), I had a lot of time to reflect and daydream.  Spent way too much time in bed doing nothing but sleep (how boring! … would have rather spent all that time in bed for more pleasurable reasons!).  So what was I daydreaming about?  Well, my love life, more specifically my lack of love life.  I have a dating life … a serial dating life, or as @DivorceZen would like to put it, I do “dating as a contact sport”.  After I laughed, I thought about it … it’s true LOL!  Do I enjoy it?  Sure I do! I’m having a great time dating all different types of men.  It’s been an amazing ride and I’ve learned SOOO much about myself and others.  Many of these men have taught me a lot about the world and the people in it.  It has also made me much more confident in myself and made me even more convinced that I have to be TRUE TO ME! Am I ready to stop all this dating? Well, ya sort of.

At the beginning of my dating and blogging adventure I mentioned that I would label each one of my dates with a different letter of the alphabet in hopes of finding “mr. right” by the time I got to Mr. Z.  Well, if you’ve been keeping tabs, last week I blogged about Mr. X … that means I have Mr. Y and Mr. Z left.  Does that mean I have met “mr. right”.  I wouldn’t say just yet.  There are always candidates, but then they prove themselves unworthy.  Of course, I always have Mr. R “Consistently Inconsistent” keeping me wondering and waiting.  Nothing has changed there.  I just can’t shake him or his hold on me, well, I don’t really try very hard!  But I compare everyone to him.  That’s my problem.  Is it a problem? Maybe I’m just being true to me and my standards.  But I haven’t met anyone who even comes close, not yet anyway.  I’m screwed, I know, and not in a good way!

What do I do … well it’s not in my personality to give up so I will keep on dating until “mr. right” decides to make an appearance or mr. consistently inconsistent decides to become consistent … whichever comes first! Wish me luck!!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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