Dinner for One on Valentine’s Day? How to Deal.


Does Valentine’s Day have you thinking that “love is a serious mental disease”? Well, Plato might have been right, but not all crazy is bad crazy! Love isn’t so bad. Love is what you make it. No, really.  Love is what you want it to be.  It can be spectacular and it can be a nightmare.  It really is up to you.  You might think I’m crazy for saying that but I’m just being honest and realistic.  But remember love doesn’t always have to signify romantic love. Love is everywhere around us, and, when we put love out there to the world, we get it back multiplied. Dinner for one on Valentine’s Day? It’s not so bad. Here’s how to deal.

Dinner for One on Valentine’s Day? How to Deal.

Be Happily Single

It all starts with being happily single. When you’re a happy and fulfilled single, holidays you spend alone won’t be an emotional nightmare ending in a full on pity party for one. It is possible to be happily single, it really is. It’s not easy, I know, but it is possible. What you need to do is focus on you and all the amazing things in your life. Build yourself up to be the awesome person you are by having a great life and being a great person. When you are a happy and fulfilled single you attract potential dates like a magnet. As you would imagine, being needy and desperate and bordering on crazy has the opposite effect. So fill your life with activities, better yourself, dedicate your time to spreading love and do good to others.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is an important way of being a happy and fulfilled individual, single or not. When you are thankful for what you have you will suddenly realize that your life is much better than you thought. You might not be where you were but gratitude will definitely put you on the path to where you want to be. I can speak from personal experience. I was always moderately grateful for everything in my life but it’s ONLY when I started being wholly and truly grateful that my life took a turn for the better (much much better). What I did was keep a gratitude journal. It was as easy as waking up every morning and writing down 3-5 things I was grateful for that day, it took seconds to do. Starting off my day that way helped me through whatever challenges the universe sent my way. It might be bad, but I knew I had so much more to be thankful for. Try it. It really will change your life in dramatic ways. So be truly grateful for your life and keep a daily gratitude journal.

Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day is about love, so then celebrate love!! Love doesn’t have to be with a significant (or insignificant) other. Celebrate love with your friends and family. Last year, I celebrated with the two people I love most in the world – my niece and my nephew. It made me so happy that I didn’t even think about being single on Valentine’s Day. Look around you, there are so many people in your life that would love to be with you. If you don’t have someone then go volunteer somewhere and spread love to those that need it most. You’d be surprised how many lonely people are out there who would give anything for a hug or compassion. So avoid the pity party and celebrate love by spreading love.

Treat Yourself

Everywhere you go it looks like cupid threw up all over, ya, I know. But it’s OK, not to worry. Don’t let it get you down. I know you wish someone would buy you those heart shaped chocolates or that cute teddy bear or even those flowers, but, why don’t you buy it for yourself? Seriously. Whether I’m single or not I ALWAYS buy myself flowers. I love flowers. Why would I count on someone else to make me happy? Enjoy dinner somewhere? Then treat yourself to a fabulous dinner. If you don’t want to sit there alone then bring a friend or get take out. So you don’t need to let Valentine’s Day depress you, celebrate it anyway, even if you’re single, treat yourself to everything you love.

Dinner for one on Valentine’s Day? It’s OK, it won’t be forever, but you can deal and make it the best Valentine’s Day yet! It’s all about having the right attitude and not letting your single status define who you are or your happiness. Single is NOT a bad word and you CAN be happily single, it’s all about perspective.

Wishing all of you the happiest of Valentine’s Days full of as much love as you can handle and then some!!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. After getting dumped THREE TIMES on Valentines Day I prefer being alone to going through that again. It’s one thing getting dumped but on Valentines Day? Oh and to boot one guy on Sweetest Day told me he was dumping me and taking someone else to the college dance.


  2. My last relationship didn’t last up to Valentine’s day. We broke up like 3 months before. So I never experienced a valentines date ever. I usually treat it as an ordinary day or go out and have a great time with my friends. 🙂


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