Spring Cleaning Your Dating and Love Life


Spring is just around the corner … the air smells different, the sky seems bluer, the world seems happier … that means it’s time to get out of your cocoon and find love! Perhaps cuffing season wasn’t much of a success, perhaps you were taking a break or perhaps you are ready for an overhaul of your love life. Whatever the reason, spring is a great time to start fresh – it’s time to spring clean your dating and love life!

Spring Cleaning Your Dating & Love Life

Choose Happiness

Dust away those feelings of self-pity, desperation, and loneliness!

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude.” (William James) It’s easy to get caught up in your pity party for one when you’re lonely, you’ve probably crossed that border into desperation at times too. But, it’s OK, it’s spring and it’s time for renewal.

Happiness is a choice and by choosing happiness you choose to look at things from a positive perspective, you’re happily single and you enjoy life, regardless of your dating life. You live your life, dating is just one aspect of your life, not front and center. It’s something you do, not a job you hate filled with dates that feel like interviews. Choosing happiness means choosing LIFE. You’re intentionally not complaining. You’re intentionally choosing to SMILE. You’re intentionally being a joy to be around. You’re intentionally choosing happiness. Dusting away bad emotions should be first on your cleaning list.

Let It Go

Clean out your dating closet to make room for better relationships!

Here again, you need to make a choice. You need to make a decision to let go of past hurts, unfinished business, breakups with no closure and dead-end liaisons. Letting go makes room for better relationships. Holding on makes you the victim and you’re not a victim, it’s not all their fault, you had a part to play too.

Remember that you’re a strong person who knows what they want and goes out to get it. Just forgive, move on and focus on the present. Holding on keeps you in the past, somewhere you have no control over. However, living in the present gives you peace. Think about it, if you’re trying to walk in a straight line and you keep looking back what happens? You’re eventually going to hit something or fall. The same thing goes for your love life. Keep focused on today and let go by cleaning out your dating closet.

Be Grateful & Positive

Throw negative thoughts in the trash!

It goes without saying that we should live grateful and positive lives. But, what role does that play in our dating lives? BIG role! Daily gratitude really does bring love your way! When you are grateful for what you have and look at life positively, you attract more things to be grateful for. It also makes you a happier person. You look at life from a positive perspective – bad dates become learning experiences or great stories, someone who ghosted you becomes a dodged bullet, etc.

Every single thing that happens to you in life contributes to your growth as a person and helps you improve and inspires you to do better the next time (or it should). Yes, it’s frustrating when you go on bad date after bad date, but then you have to ask yourself, did you learn any lessons? People who are grateful are naturally more positive. So my challenge to you is to keep a gratitude journal (either mental or physical) and each day note everything you’re grateful for. After each date, good or bad, note what was positive and what lessons were learned that you won’t repeat. This will help you feel more positive overall, which, in turn, will attract even better things and people, starting a cycle of gratitude and positivity. So throw those negative thoughts in the trash and be grateful and positive!

Look Good

Refresh and brighten your look and dating profiles!

This should go without saying. Looking good = feeling good = confidence = attracting love. Yes, it is that simple. The energy you put out is everything as is the image you’re portraying. Finding love both online AND offline is visual first and everything else second. Physical attraction is extremely important when finding love. Sure they should like your mind, your soul and everything in between BUT you won’t even get there if they are not attracted. Same goes for you, when do you give a real chance to someone you’re not attracted to? That’s what I thought.

Spring is a great time to refresh and brighten your look and dating profiles. Even wearing brighter colors brightens your day. As for your dating profile, put some new pictures, refresh the write-up, perhaps try a new site. Doing these things will also help you feel better and more confident and confidence is SEXY! If you have limited income, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a couple nice new pieces that look great on you. Some malls even have free stylists on staff to help you find something flattering. Beauty schools typically have big discounts on beauty treatments like haircuts, etc. You don’t have an excuse. Just do it. Invest in YOU.

Be More Social & Connect With New People

Open the windows and get out of hibernation mindset!

It’s time to stop hibernating, especially if you spent cuffing season alone! For goodness sakes, you’re single and ready to mingle!! So mingle!! Just take baby steps, start small by talking to strangers and joining some meetup groups. Smile a lot and pay attention to your nonverbal behavior like your eye contact and posture. Your conversational skills are extremely important as well. You will also need to step out of your comfort zone and try new activities and meet new people. Open those windows and let in some fresh air!! Get outside! You’re not going to meet anyone sitting in front of your tv eating take out. The time for hibernation is over!

It’s time to spring clean your dating and love life! If you’re serious about attracting the love you desire then you need to change something about what you’re already doing because it’s NOT working. Now get cleaning!!

You can watch some of my spring cleaning your dating an love life tips on CTV Morning Live by clicking the picture below:


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