How Modern Relationships Are Being Shaped by the Internet: Guest Post

internet relationshipThe internet has become an important tool to have in most of our lives. It helps us to keep in touch with friends when they’re not reachable by a phone call or a knock on the door, lets us do the shopping from the comfort of our own living room and gives us access to any information we could possibly need, but it’s been pretty useful for helping us meet new people too!

As a regular surfer, I love nothing more than to surf dating websites and try and find anyone with mutual interests, inviting them for a coffee or bite to eat. Being so functional, I thought that, dating websites aside, the internet wouldn’t have much purpose for anyone looking to build a relationship with someone they love, but a little research showed me otherwise.

License to Snoop?

Some studies have shown that because people’s personal information is readily available, even though we all like to imagine our information will be safe, it’s more likely we have been stalked online than not.  In fact, your potential date or mate could be checking you out online now! I know from what some of my closest friends have told me that their boyfriends have been a little paranoid about being cheated on or talked about in a negative way on social media, but that stat took us all a little by surprise!

Regarding men, I also found out that 70% of guys admit to checking up on a love interest. More disturbingly, 60% of men said that they had kept tabs on an ex-partner. We can all be a little curious about what past lovers are up to, and it has been made a little easier now because of the growth of social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus.

Women Less Curious

When women were asked the same questions about how the internet played a role in their love lives, 63% said that they had looked up a love interest, while just 38% admit to having tried to find an ex-partner and/or a partner’s ex-lover. However, we’re not total saints compared to men, as has been reported in sections of the media.

The Huffington Post revealed that 37% of women had done a little ‘e-snooping’, which is more than a third of us! Perhaps it’s just in our nature to know about what our partners get up to, especially if we can’t get them to speak up in person, but getting the truth out of our partners is harder than it might seem!

Separation by Social Media

Although less common, I also learned that social media was instrumental in helping to end relationships. 6% of people said that their relationship was ended as a result of something they did on social media sites, while the same number revealed that they had been dumped via a message or post on a social media channel.

The internet is also being used for less sinister purposes when it comes to love. Some are using the web to try and find themselves a suitable wingman, which kind of makes sense if you’re desperate for someone new in your love life. However, if you’re found to be one, that can be embarrassing in the extreme!


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  1. I recently posted on article on cat-fishing. Which is unrelated to your article, but the overall point in how its changing our lives and new frauds to be wary of. Yep the internet is the biggest thing since the wheel.


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