Why Sexy Lingerie is a Good Thing!

sexy-lingerie-featureYou know that awesome feeling you have when you slip into something sexy for your partner? That look in their eyes as you walk towards them or remove your robe … WOW! Regardless of how much it covers (or doesn’t cover), sexy lingerie makes you look and feel gorgeous and irresistible. There’s nothing like the feeling of lace or silk or satin against your skin. Even if you’re wearing your something special just for you, it still has an undeniable effect on your confidence. There’s a reason women AND men are glued to the TV when the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is on. Sexy lingerie IS a good thing and I’ll tell you why.

Why Sexy Lingerie is a Good Thing!

I often speak of my love for lingerie. It’s just gorgeous. I’ve never seen a piece of lingerie I didn’t like. Even if it’s just a matching bra and pantie set, it’s still gorgeous and makes me feel gorgeous. I am in the “no granny panties allowed” camp! With all the options out there for pretty underwear, regardless of your size and shape, it still amazes me how many women, single and attached, don’t care about their underclothes. Frumpy is OUT and Sexy is IN! A lot of women say “who cares, it’s coming off anyway” or “no one sees what’s under my clothes so why should I?” … you know what I say to that? I say you SHOULD care, partner or not, lingerie, whether sexy or not is important. It gives you that extra “je ne sais quoi” (I don’t know what). Still don’t believe me? Need convincing?

Sex educator Pamela Madsen says, you need to “Unleash Your Red Hot Mama”! How exactly do you do that? Well, she says that the red hot mama attitude comes from the inside out … it’s a way of life and expression. You need to own your body and your curves and believe that you’re hot! One of her tips is to “get dressed in the morning for you. Who are you today? What will turn you on? Start with what is the closest to your skin.” She goes on to say that, “the point is to point something close to your skin that reminds you that you are a Hot Sexy Mama all day long. If you wear skimpy panties – and a skirt or dress – the air touching your skin can be a fabulous reminder or your hot sexuality all day long. Even how you sit in sexy underwear can turn you into an embodied goddess. I can promise you that the sexy energy that you will build inside yourself will radiate out. Not only will you feel hot and sexy – but the world will smile right back!” I’m convinced!!

Benefits of Sexy Lingerie

  • It will make you feel sexier and more confident. Think of it as your own little secret under your clothes.
  • It will definitely spice up your sex life.
  • It will help you realize fantasies you may have had.
  • It will change things up a bit in your life. Instead of the usual thing you wear to bed, slip into something a little more revealing even if your flannels are oh so comfortable!
  • It will complete an outfit. The proper lingerie under your clothes ensures you remain classy with no visible pantie lines or bra straps that aren’t meant to be seen.
  • It will make your partner feel special that you are wearing lingerie just for them (shh make them think that even though it’s really for you ;)).

Some Special Sexy Lingerie Tips

  • Put on your favorite sexy lingerie and send your partner a strategic picture not of your whole body or the whole outfit but of a small section and then another section later in the day … more and more filling them with anticipation until they get home. HOT!!
  • Try role playing with sexy costumes to realize you or your partner’s cosplay fantasies. There is a costume for every taste, all you have to do is imagine it! Cop fantasy? How about sexy french maid? Naughty nurse? Super hero? Cheerleader? A movie character? The possibilities are endless!
  • Sexy lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.
  • Buy something that you’re comfortable in, that fits you properly and that makes you feel good about yourself. Not all lingerie is created equal and not everyone can wear anything. You need to find what works for you. There are gorgeous pieces from extra small to plus sizes, so there is no excuse.
  • Pick colors that compliment your skin tone, red and black are most popular but you might want to expand your horizons into other colors and patterns.
  • Sexy means different things to different people, so if you’re shy or a little low on confidence, start small and move on to more revealing items.
  • Go shopping with your partner in order to realize both your fantasies in addition to surprising your partner.
  • Don’t forget the stockings and shoes to complete the outfit!
  • Don’t over-think it, do what feels best for you … just remember no frumpy granny panties!!

Partner or Not, Lingerie is HOT!

So there you go, sexy lingerie is a good thing! It doesn’t have to be scary. Lingerie is for all shapes and sizes, it’s about finding the pieces you love the most, that fit you best and increase your confidence. Whether you have a partner or not sexy lingerie is about being the beautiful woman that you are and loving the skin you’re in. Plain, Simple. You’re homework? Buy something that would make your mother blush, go on, I dare you! Happy sexy lingerie shopping!!

READERS: What are your thoughts on sexy lingerie and costume play (cosplay)? Do you think sexy lingerie is a good thing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I love sexy lingerie. It makes me feel super hot! Especially when you’re wearing a sexy fragrance, men go completely crazy!!


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