Which Canadian City Has the Highest Libido?

canadian-libidos-sexHow sexy are Canadians? Well I did write about a “Sex in Canada” survey done not too long ago talking about sex likes, dislikes and behavior around the country … BUT who has the highest libido? Well … A new study done by Elite Singles of 40,000 Canadians has revealed that, out of the whole country, Vancouver’s singles are the most eager for sex – while Quebec’s singles are left out in the cold! The study asked a random, anonymous sample of members how much they agreed with the question; “I have a strong desire for sex.” The results were VERY interesting to say the least! Sooo which Canadian city has the highest libido?

Which Canadian City Has the Highest Libido?

Here is who ranked high and who leave much to be desired …

Top 10:canadian libidos graphic

  1. Vancouver
  2. Sault Sainte Marie
  3. Toronto
  4. Ottawa
  5. Kelowna
  6. Windsor
  7. Grande Prairie
  8. Brandon
  9. Fredericton
  10. Halifax

Bottom 5:

  1. Matane
  2. Montmagny
  3. Joliette
  4. Montreal
  5. Shawinigan

Way to go Vancouver! But OK seriously what’s going on in Quebec? I think this is quite fascinating but maybe people in different parts in the country have different needs and priorities? Not sure, but sex is a very important part of every relationship and sexual compatibility is very important. Although you can work on it in order to make it better, you can’t fake chemistry.  What reduces sex drive? Well in an article I read recently, some of these things that might be a factor here are age, if you’re in good shape or not, stress, exhaustion and life’s everyday challenges. So do some parts of the country have a better lifestyle than others? Perhaps. Whatever the case may be, Canada IS sexy regardless of where you are! I’m glad Ottawa is in the top 5 though … phew ….

READERS: Do you agree or disagree with this study? If you are in Canada what’s it like in your city? Share in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a hot teacher from Toronto. Never dated but apparently he dated a few grad students (I was a grad student). Canadian men to me ate sexy.


  2. Interesting stuff Suzie.

    If stress and exhaustion negatively affect libido, I’d expect Canada’s biggest cities to be at the bottom.

    Meanwhile, surely in the small-town slums where there’s nothing better to do they’re at it all the time?

    Anyway, great post as usual.


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