Preventing Embarrassing and Awkward Dating Moments (with Video)

embarrassing-awkward-datingIs it possible to bounce back from a bad date? Sure it is with the right attitude. Sometimes things happen and it’s entirely not your fault, well, not really. What about an awkward dating moment? I have written about the Top 5 Awkward Dating Moments and How To Overcome Them, so when I was asked to run down the worst of them on CTV Ottawa Morning Live and to talk about how to prevent them, I couldn’t resist!  If you’re embarrassed do you crawl under a rock and hide or laugh about it? They really aren’t a big deal, and we all have them but they can definitely lead to a dating fail, but I encourage people to be merciful and compassionate with their date if something happens, because it’s usually an accident. Here are some of the top embarrassing awkward moments and how to overcome them!

Preventing Embarrassing and Awkward Dating Moments 

Out of Control Bodily Functions

This could include: bad gas, needing to run to the toilet often, nausea, sweating too much, body odor, snot in your nose, bad breath, too much cologne, women problems, runny nose, dandruff

  • If you’re having gastro-intestinal issues reschedule the date.
  • Don’t overeat or overdrink.
  • Proper hygiene practices go a long way.
  • Do a mirror / sniff test before meeting your date.
  • Know your bodily limits and if you’re unsure about going out don’t go out.

Food & Drink Mishaps

This could include: spilling food and/or drink on self or date, food in teeth, eating something messy

  • Spilling is typically an accident, just be careful.
  • Make good food choices and don’t order food that’s messy and difficult to eat.
  • Sip and don’t gulp your drink.
  • If you’re unsure about your post-food teeth situation excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

Physical Contact Conundrums

This could include: to kiss or not to kiss decisions, going in for a kiss or hug and the other person flinches, touching their hand and the person pulls away, awkwardly bad kiss, crying

  • Pay very close attention to non-verbal cues from the other person before making a move, they should be leaning towards you and showing they are really interested.
  • Respect boundaries, especially if you’re unsure.
  • First kiss should be sweet and not aggressive.

Oversharing from Nervousness

This could include: telling your whole life story, talking about your ex and how horrible (or great) they were, displaying your baggage for all to see, talking about all your dates gone wrong, talking about intimate topics, sharing your physical problems (especially gross ones like what happens when you eat dairy), demonstrating victim mentality, making it a pity party

  • Be prepared before you go on a date with topics like current affairs, interesting life stories.
  • Watch for verbal cues from your date to gauge their interest level.
  • Always leave something to the imagination and for next time.
  • No need to tell them everything right away, especially personal things.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

This could include: your zipper being down, your shirt being unbuttoned, your skirt caught in your underwear, dirty clothes, broken heels, uncomfortable shoes or clothes

  • Make sure you wear comfortable, well-fitting, clean attire.
  • Do a mirror check before going in for your date.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion.

Here is my segment on Awkward Dating Moments on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

READERS: Tell us about what you do to make sure you don’t have any embarrassing and/or awkward dating moments! If you’ve had any how did you handle it? What if your date was the one who was embarrassed?

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